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Sheet Music

If the score you wish to purchase is unavailable on the Order page, please send an email and I will reply at my earliest convenience with pricing information.

Commission Music

I am currently accepting commissions. Please send an email with the word "Commission" in the title with your thoughts about the piece, including instrumentation, duration, occasion, etc. and the best way to get in touch to continue the discussion.

Past commissioning groups include HGOco (the Houston Grand Opera's community outreach branch), The Association of Anglican Musicians, The University of Houston's AURA Contemporary Ensemble, and a variety of Anglican church choirs. You can view past commissions and hear excerpts on the Works pages and see/hear full performances on the Look / Listen page.


I have been involved in a large number of arranging projects of all shapes and sizes, from simple score transposition, to orchestral arranging for a full concert's worth of music, to orchestration work on a full two-act opera (Frances Pollock's Stinney). If you're interested in hiring me to arrange, please send an email with the word "Arranging" as the title with details about your project (including needed completion deadline), and I will reply back at my earliest convenience with an estimate.

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